Coaching-Centric Consulting

Coaching-Centric Consulting

Performance is my passion.  From laborer to leader, I have over thirty years of firsthand effort on the factory floor. My first performance coaching role was with John Deere.  I spent 3 years coaching employees and then 2 years coaching the coaches.  Coaching-centric consulting for operational excellence is what my client come to expect and the reason for their success.  As a twenty-year corporate coach, I work with many leaders across functions, across industries, and across the globe.  I am currently completing the ILM7 diploma program with Actuate in London. 

When the opportunity came along, I joined the ranks as a lean practitioner with Caterpillar.  First, as a Master Black Belt, I taught Six Sigma at Caterpillar for five years while coaching both operational excellence and six sigma deployments.  Then as a global lean practitioner, I earned my bronze certification and practiced globally within the Caterpillar footprint.  Then Caterpillar sold my services to a large global customer.  My consulting career was born.  

In 2011, one of Caterpillars large global mining customers inquired about applying their version of the Caterpillar Production System in their cement Manufactuing plants.  We started with the eleven plants in the US.  When my executive sponsor was transferred to Europe, he brought me with him.  We deployed CxPS in the seventeen plants in Europe with even better results than we experienced in the US.  

After 30 years in manufacturing operations, moving from the factory floor to the executive office, I moved into consulting.  I currently chair the Lean Certification Alliance certification oversight and appeals board, where I have certified as a bronze, silver, and gold practitioner.  Today, I work as a fractional operating executive, executive coach, and operational excellence consultant to clients around the world.

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Coaching-Centric Consulting for Operational Excellence


Coaching-Centric Consulting 

Coaching and transformation are inseparable activities.  Any organizational transformation is a function of leadership.  The changes implemented in both functional and relational processes require a leadership transformation.  To get a better idea of what PPX means, take a look here.

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What is Coaching-Centric Consulting?

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