Just what is a ‘fractional operating executive’?

For the last twelve years I have worked as a fractional operating executive.  Every month my clients expect me to arrive on a predetermined site with specific work to conduct with the local management team.  Whether that is functionally focused, or facility focused is up to my executive sponsors to define the work.  

The scope includes everything that an executive might do.  Whatever the reason, my clients recognize they need assistance, and they assign the task to me.  I span multiple levels of the organization, but it is always pointed at the strategic imperatives established by my sponsor.

Whether it is an interim COO, a Director of Operational Excellence, a Plant Manager or any position that needs temporary execution, my clients know they can rely on me to fill the gap while they are seeking out their new executive.  

A fractional operating executive brings new capabilities to the table.

Implementing New Capabilities

Occasionally, an executive wants to implement a new process or business approach.  It may be a missing leadership skill or a new Operational Excellence initiative.  Bringing a fractional operating executive on board to expedite that transformation can be a great benefit in the absence of experience or skill. 

A fractional operating executive brings capacity when and where you need it.

Additional Capacity

Occasionally, an executive needs a trusted partner to step in when time is not available.  You need someone in your corner with deep expertise and an alignment to your values and abilities.  A fractional operating executive with the ability to step in quickly and appropriately is a secret weapon no executive should be without.

With the right fractional operating executive, you can gain executive coaching, too.

A Coach In Your Corner

Sometimes, you need an outlet; a place to explore your thinking and a sounding board with no internal conflicts or positional competition.  Someone you can send into the organization to assess and influence your team in your absence.  Someone with a leadership presence that reflects your own.  Again, a fractional operating executive is just the resource you have been looking for.  


The best fractional operating executives are like a turnkey addition to your executive team.

Get It All

A fractional operating executive worth his or her salt, will offer you all of this and more.  Need to address a problem in the organization, need to explore a new strategy or vision, need to address a leadership gap, need a coach to vent or think with, your fractional operating executive should offer you this and much more.  If you’re not getting this today, you need to find yourself a new partner.

Find Out If It’s Right for You

If you have a question or want to know more about how this works. I’m happy to answer any and all questions.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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