Designing Your Program

Designing Your Program

Designing Your Program

Designing your program is critical to our success.  Operational Excellence is about raising the performance bar to new levels, not just in one functional area, but in all.  Everything we do is the result of a process, and every process has a method and an outcome.  Not every process team is equal.  Some have clear objectives, some have efficient methods, some have inspiring leaders, and others have great strategies.  Every program has a different feel to it because every organization is different.  One size does not fit all.

The assessment begins by evaluating the presence of the four systems: strategy, management, performance, and leadership.  The sponsors, process owners, and process teams within the focus area are invited to discuss the four systems through an informal conversation.  The objective is uncovering what is missing as well as defining what is present.  From this foundation designing your program will lead to delivering your vision.

Designing Your Program

The most common weaknesses fall in the management and leadership systems.  Process improvement as part of a transformation is a leadership phenomenon.  Therefore, the process owner is integral in the transformation process.  We explore and experience concepts like accountability, team and individual development, influence and relationship, and listening and speaking skills.  There are 182 continuous improvement concepts and 72 leadership topics from which we select.  Designing your program from this pool of ideas allows us to respond to your organization’s needs.

If you are curious about building your own program to meet your specific needs, I encourage you to schedule a conversation.  I’ll answer all your questions, and we can decide if taking the next step makes sense.  If it doesn’t, I’ll be the first to say so.  I am just as selective about my clients as I encourage you to be about your consultants.  After all, your reputation is just as important as mine.


A four-system assessment across the sponsor, process owner, and team member levels will reveal where alignment and commitment are missing.

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When you are ready to transform your organization, I am too.  Implementing the four-system operational excellence model is like power on.

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Every transformation is a leadership phenomenon.  Any change that addresses functional process failures begins with relational process failures. 

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