Process Performance eXcellence

Process Performance eXcellence

Every process has opportunity, not just manufacturing processes.  Lean manufacturing tools and techniques have delivered incredible results in accounting, marketing, human resources, and sales, too.  Process performance excellence is needed everywhere there is a process, and there is a process everywhere.

What you’re doing isn’t incorrect, it’s only incomplete.  Find out what might be missing from your leadership presence and change the trajectory of your future.  

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The Strategy System

Process Performance Excellence in the Strategy System





Knowing what is important is only the first step.  Communicating, developing, agreeing, and deploying competes the cycle.  When you have created a condition of readiness in your organization, your strategy system is working.

The Management System

Process Performance Excellence in the Management System





Paying attention to what is important is only the first step.  Noticing what is missing and addressing the gaps completes the cycle.  When the teams can identify what our processes need to achieve what is important, our management system is working.

The Performance System

Process Performance Excellence


Standard Work

Workplace Organization


Crating what is important is only the first step.  Changing our functional and relational processes requires skill and effort.  When the performance of our processes creates the purpose of our organization, your performance system is working.


The Leadership System

Process Performance Excellence in the Leadership System





Inviting people to be part of what is important is only the first step.  Building deeper relationships and inspiring discretionary effort completes the cycle.  When your people are flourishing, your leadership system is working.




Coaching for PPX

The term lean manufacturing created a constraint for other functions to consider operational excellence for themselves.  Operational excellence takes the tools and techniques of lean manufacturing and applies them in all business processes.  Even Jeffry Liker has admitted the term ‘lean manufacturing’ is troublesome. 

I like to think of it as process performance excellence or PPX.  Everything we do in an organization is the result of a process.  Every process can benefit from precision performance.  When we apply the concepts from all four systems, we can create a pathway to process performance excellence.  

If you are curious about exploring PPX, I invite you to schedule a time to discuss your options and get started now.

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