“We didn’t think this was possible.”

                                              – Vice President of Operations

“We have systems and processes in place today that would not exist without your guidance.”

                        – Division President

Operational Excellence

When process performance is perfectly aligned with strategic imperatives, you have achieved operational excellence.  Perfection is a construct and continues to move forward with everything we learn.  This is why we often hear it described as a journey.  Creating a mind-set is more important than providing a recipe or a formula.  The roadmap guides you through the experience.  The experience leads you to a new way of thinking.

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About My Work

Karl Watson, Jr.  CEO

Audie, in a very short amount of time, embedded himself within our organization as a trusted insider and not simply an advisor.  He is strategic yet tactical and has a unique ability to connect equally well at all levels in an organization – from board room to boiler room.  He never dilutes his message, never “dumbs it down”, just alters the presentation for the audience. Moreover, he is just a pleasure to be around and this gives him the ability to push his clients hard, and they love him for doing so.

Bryan Kalbfleisch, CEO

Over my career, I’ve been through several “lean” programs.  What stuck out about Audie’s program and approach was his ability to reach across several lines of business at the same time, and help us create specific, strategic improvements in addition to building in accountability. He taught us to think about lean in a different way, that it’s not just about shaving seconds/minutes off of our processes. He taught us about how leadership fits into process improvement, and how we must challenge ourselves as managers/leaders. I noticed quickly that Audie connects with all levels of the organization.  Audie’s wide breadth of experience and knowledge are a huge asset.

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I don’t show up with a solution looking for a problem.  By creating clarity around the outcomes that are missing, we develop a method that will create the results we are seeking.

Together, we build permanent capability.  A new mind-set takes hold of your team, and it becomes the way we do business.

I will guide you through the experience that brings new skills. 

Together we will achieve Operational Excellence.

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