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Audie Penn is a seasoned consultant who has worked with executives, and both functional and facility managers in the areas of strategy, management, leadership, and performance optimization. 

Unlike other consultants, Audie creates a specific plan that unites your purpose, process, and people to improve your operations and achieve your optimal performance goals. 

When he steps in to guide a business, he creates a tailor-made plan specific for your business.  Audie combines the elements of the strategy, management, performance, and Leadership systems to resolve the functional and relational process breakdowns that are impacting your process performance. 

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I assess the functional and relational processes for tactical efficiency and strategic effectiveness.  When these processes are work together, the resistance to change subsides and performance begins to improve, gaining momentum, and eventually surpassing even your wildest expectations. 
If you are ready for something new, I am ready for you.
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